Portal support

We are happy to help you with your online scent portal management!

The online Scent Portal is your gateway to unexpected smiles! Nowhere else managing your scent experience is so easy. Stay up to date to the status of your scent devices via PC, tablet or smartphone. Edit scent settings anywhere, anytime.

How can i adjust scent intensity in my room?

The adjustment of scent intensity goes via our online scent portal. Here you can edit the settings of the atomization interval. Click on ‘settings’ to make adjustments. For higher scent intensity: extend the ‘on’-time and shorten the ‘off’-time of the atomization interval. For lower scent intensity: shorten the ‘on’-time and extend the ‘off’-time of the atomization interval. In order to remain a constant level of scent intensity we advise to keep the interval between 100 seconds. For example: 20sec on/80sec off. Or 10sec on/90sec off.

Infrequent or changing opening hours?

Does the opening hours of your business, company or shop change from time to time? No problem! You don’t ever have to turn your scent system off. In the online scent portal you can adjust preferences for atomization hours. Click on settings and you can edit atomization schemes. This way, the scent device only expends scent oil between opening hours and you don’t have to remember to turn the switch on and off every single day! Smart right?

What is the cartrdige's filling level?

At short notice, we are ambitious to develop sensors that show the cartridge’s filling level. Until then, you have to make an educated guess by the weight of the cartridge.

What do the status symbols in the online scent portal mean?

Every scent device in the online scent portal is marked with a status icon. Below we show the meaning of every status icon:

groenvink Okay! Scent system is connected and working properly.

orangealert Beware! At least one of your scent devices is not working properly and show one of the following states:

roodalert Offline. Device is not connected to the scent portal.

  • Check power supply of the device. Is the LED light on the right front of the device on? Does the electric plug connects with a working power socket? Is the switch of the device ‘on’?

ModemError Modem Error. There is no connection with the online scent portal because the device is not able to connect with the 2G network.

  • Reset the device. Pull the electric plug out of the power socket for a few seconds and put it back in.
  • If status reoccurs: replace system for better network receiving.
  • Still Modem Error? Contact your account manager.

pumpmisconnection Pump misconnection. Something is wrong with the connection between the pump and the control of your device. Contact your account manager.

Timeservermisconnection Time server misconnection. Something is wrong with the connection between the modem and the control of your device. Contact your account manager.

servicerepair Service & Repair. Your device is under maintenance.

known offline Known offline. In compliance with your account manager, your device is offline. For example when your device is connected to the light switch.

intransit In transit. Device is in transport.

inwarehouse In warehouse. Device is in stocked in Sense Company’s warehouse.





Adjust scent intensity

Did you know that… 

  • …online management of scent systems is unique in the world of scenting!
  • …you can lease an S scent device for €57,50 including scent oil & maintenance!
  • …you can order your scent cartridges online in our webshop!
  • …Aqua di Parma is one of our new fragrances!