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Adjusting the atomization interval

How do I adjust the atomization interval?

Have your opening hours changed? Or do you want to spread scent at different times for another reason? You can easily adjust the atomization interval of your scent in the My Sense Device app or scent portal. Now you only use scent when you want to and you can always give your visitors a warm welcome!

In your My Sense Device app

  1. Go to the scent device overview and click on the scent device concerned.
  2. Select the schedule of which you want to adjust the atomization interval. 
  3. Change the 'Time on' and 'Time off'.

In your scent portal

  1. In the dashboard, go to the ‘hubs’ table.
  2. Click in this table on the eye icon behind the scent device concerned. 
  3. In the 'schedule' table, select the edit icon of the schedule in question. 
  4. Change your start and end time.

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